Methods in Biophysics

This is a series of 14-lecture, 1-2 credit modules. These modules introduce students to different techniques commonly used in mechanistic and structural biology. All modules are independent but require Biochemistry/Biophysics 649-652 or permission of the instructor as prerequisites.   Students in the biophysics program are required to take 3 modules, but many students take more than three to gain skills that will benefit their thesis research.

BIOC 660:  Imaging

BIOC 662:  Macromolecular interactions

BIOC 663A and 663B:  Macromolecular NMR: Theory &Practice

BIOC 665:  Advanced NMR

BIOC 666:  X-ray crystallography of macromolecules

BIOC 667:  Macromolecular Crystallographic Methods

BIOC 670:  Structural bioinformatics

BCB 715: Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Modeling Signaling Pathways and Regulatory Networks

BIOC 664:  Macromolecular spectroscopy: Principles & applications