BIOC 650

Principles of Molecular Thermodynamics; Binding and Linkage

Instructor: Brian Kuhlman; 919-428-334,

Meeting Dates, Times and Locations: late August to late September; MWF 11:00 AM; 3007 GMB.  Registration limited to 12 except with permission of Course Director. (Recitations will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Time and location will be determined)

Binding and Linkage

Single Site Binding

Determinants of Binding Affinity and Specificity

Macroscopic representation of multiple-site binding / linkage

Ligand binding equilibria from a microscopic perspective / allostery (taught by Drew Lee)

Thermodynamics / Statistical Mechanics


Linking Energy and Entropy / The Boltzmann Distribution

Free Energy

Chemical Potential and the Drive to Equilibrium