BIOC 651

Between Macromolecules and Their Consequences

Instructor: Qi Zhang; 919-966-5710,

Meeting Dates/Times and Locations: 10/29/14-12/03/14; MWF 11:00 AM; 3007 GMB.  Registration limited to 12 except with permission Course Director. (Recitation will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Time and location will be determined).

Basic Forces in Biology

Lecture 1             Inter- and intra-moLectureular forces, empirical potentials

Electuretrostatic Forces between and within MacromoLectureules

Lecture 2             2,3,4. Elements of continuum eLecturetrostatics. Fields, potentials, eLecturetrostatic energy)

Lecture 3             Energy of charge transfer (Born model).  Poisson-Boltzmann equation.  Debye-Huckel theory.

Lecture 4             DLVO theory

Lecture 5.             Protein titration and pI

Simulations of MacromoLectureules

Lecture 6             Computer simulations of biosystems.)  MC and MD techniques

Lecture 7             Calculation of the free energy change.) (Potential of mean force (PMF).   Radial distribution function (RDF)

Lecture 8             Connection between PMF and RDF

Lecture 9             Elements of theory of simple liquids

Water & the Hydrophobic Effect

Lecture 10             Water, special properties

Lecture 11             Water: structural nature

Lecture 12             Hydrophobic Effect

Lecture 13             Conformational Dynamics of RNA structure