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Odessa Goudy

Odessa Goudy named finalist in 3MT competition

October 14, 2020

Each year, UNC graduate students have the opportunity to compete in the 3 Minute Thesis academic competition to enhance presentation and communication skills. Odessa Goudy, a PhD student in the Biochemistry and Biophysics department and trainee in the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics program working with Brian Kuhlman, is a top 10 finalist in this year’s competition. Odessa describes her participation: “Earlier this month I entered UNC’s 3 Minute Thesis competition which focuses on effective science communication, … Read more

Cathy Anderson

Cathy Spangler uses cryo-EM to determine structure of cGAS

October 6, 2020

Biochemistry and biophysics PhD student, Cathy Spangler, researches in Robert McGinty’s lab and recently published a paper in collaboration with Joshua Boyer, Joshua Strauss, Andrew Cesmat, Pengda Liu, Robert McGinty, and Qi Zhang, titled Structural basis of nucleosome-dependent cGAS inhibition. This article addresses the use of cryo-electron microscopy to determine the high-resolution structure of a DNA-sensing protein called cGAS bound to the nucleosome – the fundamental repeating unit of chromatin. A key sensor in our body’s innate … Read more