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Instructor: Kevin Slep (

Dates: 1/10/2022-4/27/2022

Time: Monday, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Students present seminars coordinated with the visiting lecturer series of the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biophysics.


BCBP  Jan 25   11:00 AM           

Elizabeth Kellogg (Cornell)

Host: Brian Kuhlman

Research Area: Cryo-EM structural studies of proteins that are important for genomic organization and integrity

BCBP  Feb 8     11:00 AM

Peter Penzes (Northwestern)

Host: Patricia Maness

Research Area: The study of signal transduction networks that regulate the structural and functional plasticity of excitatory synapses. Techniques include 3-D SIM.

BCBP  Feb 22   11:00 AM           

Lydia Contreras (Univ. Texas Austin)

Host: BCBP Students

Research Area: The study of RNA-protein interactions using experimental and computational approaches.

Pharm Mar 8     4:00 PM            

Malaviki (Mali) Raman (Tufts Univ.)

Host: Mike Emanuele

Research Area: Protein quality control: how ubiquitinated proteins are targeted for destruction. Recognition of ubiquitin-modified substrates by p97-adaptor complexes.

Pharm Mar 298 4:00 PM            

Rachel Klevit (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Host:Jonathan Schisler

Research Area: Structural (NMR), biochemical, and molecular biology approaches to understand molecular recognition, with a focus on protein-protein interactions that play important roles in human disease, including BRCA1 and its role in breast cancer.

CBMC Mar 30   12:20 PM           

Gunda Georg (Univ. Minnesota)

Host: Jeff Aube

Research Area: Design, semisynthesis, total synthesis, and evaluation of biologically active agents.

BCBP  Apr 5     11:00 AM           

Peter Walter (UCSF)

Host: Saskia Neher

Research Area: Unfolded Protein Response. Protein quality control in homeostasis and stress. Protein synthesis, folding, and targeting.

BCBP  Apr 12   11:00 AM           

Lingjun Li (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)

Host: Xian Chen

Research Area: Mass spec analysis of neuropeptides and neurotrasmitters towards elucidating their role in neural plasticity and behavior

BCBP  Apr 19   11:00 AM           

Gabriel Rocklin (Northwestern)

Host: Brian Kuhlman

Research Area: Computational modeling: from protein sequence to determining protein fold, conformational dynamics, and stability