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Instructor: Saskia Neher

Dates: Fall semester

Time: TBD

Many of you will write a research proposal in preparation for the department qualifying examination. Some of you will also be submitting applications for a predoctoral fellowship award (a grant). Accordingly, you will be asked to write a proposal in the format used by the National Institute of Health (NIH F31 grants). Post-doctoral fellowships (NIH F32 grants) use a similar format. In addition you may elect to submit your proposal to other government agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) or Department of Defense (DoD) or private foundations (there are many out there). Most funding agencies use a format that is similar in style and length to that used by the NIH. Thus it will be relatively simple for you to reformat your proposal for multiple agencies, and to use your current proposal as a model for future grant applications. Regardless of the requirements, writing a research proposal will prompt you to review the literature and it will provide a road map for your thesis research. There will likely be unexpected delays and detours, but you will have a destination in mind.  


For an updated list of funding sources for graduate students visit: