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Grep Alushin, PhD (NIH)

Bioinformatics 1131 130 Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

"Cytoskeleton structural plasticity in force generation and mechanosensation"

BCBP Seminar: Lydia Contreras (UT-Austin)

Seminar title: Novel insights into small bacterial RNAs and their big regulatory networks using genetic studies and computational modeling Research Area: The study of RNA-protein interactions using experimental and computational approaches. Mode: Virtual Host: BCBP graduate students

Pharmacology Seminar: Malaviki (Mali) Raman (Tufts Univ.)

Title of Talk: TBA Seminars will be in 1131 Bioinformatics with a virtual via zoom option. Research Area: Protein quality control: how ubiquitinated proteins are targeted for destruction. Recognition of ubiquitin-modified substrates by p97-adaptor complexes. Host: Michael Emanuele

Pharmacology Seminar Rachel Klevit (University of Washington)

Title of Talk: TBA Research Area: Structural (NMR), biochemical, and molecular biology approaches to understand molecular recognition, with a focus on protein-protein interactions that play important roles in human disease, including BRCA1 and its role in breast cancer. Seminars will … Read more

BCBP Seminar: Peter Walter (UC-SF)

Venue: Bioinformatics 1131 Talk Title: “Targeting the Cell’s Stress Pathways for Therapeutic Benefit” Research Area: Unfolded Protein Response. Protein quality control in homeostasis and stress. Protein synthesis, folding, and targeting. Host: Saskia Neher

BCBP Seminar: Lingjun Li (Univ. of WS-Madison)

Lingjun Li, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison Venue: Zoom Talk Title: “Advancing Biomedical Research via Innovation in Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches “ Research Area: Mass spec analysis of neuropeptides and neurotrasmitters towards elucidating their role in neural plasticity … Read more

BCBP Seminar: Gabriel Rocklin (Northwestern)

Gabriel Rocklin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, Northwestern University Venue: Bioinformatics 1131 Talk title: “High-throughput studies of protein stability and conformational dynamics” Research Area: Computational modeling: from protein sequence to determining protein fold, conformational dynamics, and stability Host: Brian Kuhlman