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Many laboratories in the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Program examine the biological mechanisms underlying cell regulation and cellular signaling using diverse biophysical techniques. Analysis of macromolecular complexes in time and space, their localization, interactions, and conformational changes are examined using advanced, high-resolution in vivo imaging and correlated with protein structure and function in vitro. Laboratories employ diverse tools, including unique optogenetic tags for in vivo imaging, fluorescence resonance energy transfer reporters, single molecule in vitro assays, protein structure determination (x-ray crystallography and NMR), and biochemistry to probe macromolecular mechanisms from the micron to the Ångström.



Rick Baker

Rebecca Berlow

Kerry Bloom

Robert Bourret

Sharon Campbell

Klaus Hahn

Wesley Legant

Saskia Neher

Kevin Slep

Chrystal Starbird