The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a vigorous interdisciplinary training program in biophysics (Molecular & Cellular Biophysics Program, MCBP) that we hope you will explore if you are interested in mechanistic and structural biology. The MCBP is distinguished by the size of its excellent and active faculty, by the rigor and diversity of its course work, and by its remarkably close and supportive community. We provide a rigorous educational and training experience that prepares our Trainees for top careers in modern quantitative and physical biology. I invite you on behalf of our students and faculty to browse our website to learn more about us.

Contact Us:
Dr. Kevin Slep: Co-director
Dr. Brian Kuhlman: Co-director
Dr. Barry Lentz: Emeritus director
Lisa Phillippie: Program AdministratorMolecular and Cellular Biophysics Program
120 Mason Farm Fr, Campus Box 7260

3rd Floor, 3024 Genetic Medicine Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone: 919-843-9737